The Best Kicking Bag for Maximum Strength

Kickboxing is an absolutely brilliant way to get the maximum possible potential from your exercise routine. One of the most integral tools that you would be using during your kickboxing regimen is the kicking bag, which is a fantastic product for situations where you do not have a sparring partner. The major benefit of standing kicking bags is that they are readily available, but you don’t want just any kicking bag. You want the best one that money can buy.

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What to Look For in a Kicking Bag


The first thing that you need to realize is that your kicking bag is not just something that you would punch and kick around. It is supposed to be an all-purpose training tool that would enable you to practice your entire regimen.
Hence, the kicking bag that you eventually go for should have the potential to let you practice a wide variety of kickboxing maneuvers. Your kicking bag needs to be able to provide adequate responses to different kinds of attacks like takedowns, kicks, and punches. Essentially, a kicking bag is a sparring partner for when you don’t have an actual person to fight.
The best way to be sure a kicking bag will give you the best response to your attacks is to see its rebound. It is supposed to offer you a solid push back to your blows, similar to the way a regular person might respond to your attacks. This would help you hone your technique and figure out the various flaws that you are supposed to work on.
The benefit of kicking bags is that they can offer you counter attacks as well. When they rebound after your blow, they offer you something that you are going to have to try and block or parry. Getting a kicking bag that stays in the same place when you hit it is pretty much of no use; you should go for bags that have the most rebound by carefully going through the various options available.


Your kicking bag is obviously going to be getting a pretty rough treatment. If you are a proper practitioner of kickboxing, the chances are that your blows are extremely powerful and can deal a lot of damage in a very short time.
Hence, it is important that you go for a product that offers the most durability possible. You can check the durability of the product quite easily. All you need to do is try to push your finger into it and see how far you can go. A solid kicking bag would offer the maximum amount of resistance, which means that it is going to be very firm when you try to push your finger in. Essentially, it should be firm enough not to allow your finger to push the fabric in at all; this is how you know that you have a kicking bag that would last as long as possible.


One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to kicking bags is that they have to be expensive. A lot of big name brands take advantage of the high status that kicking bags hold in the kickboxing community, and they use their presence in the market to drive up prices in order to make you pay as much as possible and provide them with maximum profit.
A great kicking bag does not have to be expensive at all. You can get a perfectly affordable kicking bag that would be durable and functional, even more so than the more expensive varieties that are all about style rather than substance. With kicking bags, the thing to keep in mind is that price is very important.
Of course, this does not mean that you should just go for the cheapest one available. It would obviously not be high in quality, which is why it is so cheap in the first place. Try to go for the mid-range kicking bags; these are going to provide high quality at a more affordable price, thereby offering you the maximum possible value for your money.


The size of your kicking bag is very important and in this case, your personal preference matters a great deal. Kicking bags come in a variety of different sizes, so your choice depends on which type of training you want to undertake. If you want to favor takedowns, then a large kicking bag might be the best possible option for you to look into. However, kicking and punching as well as other smaller strikes are best practiced on a smaller bag.
What you really need to be careful of is that you do not get something too big. The bigger the kicking bag, the more weight it would possess, and this can be dangerous. If you punch a kicking bag that is heavier than the ones you are used to, you are going to end up seriously injuring your hands. Hence, if you are not that experienced in the world of kickboxing just yet, a good idea would be to start small and take it slow. Go for a lighter, smaller bag as this would help you save a lot of money as well. Once you get used to the smaller bag, getting a bigger bag should be no issue at all!


The brand you purchase is going to have a significant impact on whether or not you would be happy with the result of your product. The fact of the matter is that there are certain brands out there that are better than the others. They are so well established in the world of kickboxing that you really would not be able to do better when it comes to kicking bags. It is also important to avoid overpriced brands because they will not offer the same quality as the ones that are more serious about the experience you receive.
One of the best brands out there is, without a doubt, Century. Century kicking bags are known for being extremely durable and having the perfect balance of rebound and solidity. It offers kicking bags for a wide variety of uses and to top it all off, you would be able to save a fair amount of money because its kicking bags are not overpriced the way these products tend to be with other brands.
All in all, choosing the right brand can honestly make or break your experience with the kicking bag you purchase, so be prudent and cautious while choosing.

The Top Three Kicking Bags on the Market

Century® Versys VS.1 Fight Simulator

One of the biggest problems with the industry is that you often cannot find kicking bags that are made for home use. A kicking bag that is used at home is not meant to be as high end as ones that are used in the gym, but this leads some brands to believe that they can simply offer a pillar that you can punch and be done with.
The great thing about this product is that it is a kicking bag intended for home use that offers a wide range of versatility when it comes to your training. You can practice everything, from takedowns to kicks and punches. Thanks to the handles that have been provided, you would also be able to practice knee strikes which is something a lot of kicking bags don’t really offer.
It is also important to note that kicking bags of this variety are known for being not that durable, but with this product, that is not going to be an issue at all. The solid packing inside the casing is going to last a long while without getting lumpy or soft, and the great thing is that there is focused packing on specific strike areas. If you are undergoing basic kickboxing training, you are essentially doing something that requires precision. What this means is that you are going to be striking the same area time and time again without fail. If the kicking bag you buy does not take this into account, you will soon start to see depressions in these areas which have a negative impact on your training overall.
All in all, this is a great option for people who want something affordable but still highly functional.

Wavemaster 2XL Pro Black

Sometimes, what you need is a high-end bag that has the maximum variety of strikes that you can accomplish. This bag has been padded extra, so you have the option of striking with full strength without having to worry about causing damage. What is great about this padding is that it is high-density foam, so instead of using a very heavy product that would remain solid, this company decided to compress the foam it was already using in order to make it as efficient as possible while absorbing your blows.
The lightweight nature of this product makes it a lot easier for you to train for long periods of time and hone your technique since the rebound that you would receive in response to your strikes would be very realistic and would make long-term training a very real possibility.
However, if you want something a little harder in order to allow you to train in a more intense manner, this product would be able to offer that as well. There is a locking mechanism that you can use in order to keep the kicking bag in place while you are using it. This would help you accomplish heavier strikes without having to wait for the bag to bounce back to you. Hence, you can do repetitive moves that you are trying to learn without having to face the hassle of dealing with the bag’s bounce.
You can slowly increase the intensity of your blows with this bag, and the great thing is that you are not going to be restricted to a single option when it comes to filling this bag up. It can be filled up with both sand and water, so you can use the kicking bag in a variety of ways.

Wavemaster 2XL Pro Blue

This bag has been designed to take some truly heavy hitting, so if you want the absolute best in the industry when it comes to kicking bags, you have found it right here. If you are willing to spend a little extra on price, this bag can provide you with a number of different features that different bags often do not provide.
To start off with, the material that encases the padding has been specially designed to provide maximum grip. This means that you can hone your kicks by striking the bag and seeing exactly where your blow fell. This is an enormous benefit that would help you become a lot more precise while you are using this kicking bag.
One thing that sets this bag apart is the incredible durability you are getting. This is in part responsible for the higher-than-average price you are paying. While creating this amazing kicking bag, it has been field tested using seasoned athletes. These athletes struck a model of this bag millions of times and it still looked as good as new! This means that you can safely assume this product is going to last for years upon years even if you use it in a gym where a large number of people are going to be using it daily.
The final benefit of this kicking bag is the seal that has been placed alongside the cap. This goes with the durable vibe that this product consistently offers. Kicking bag seals often start to leak, which can really get in the way of your training. The seal on the cap of this kicking bag is so solid that for as long as you use it, leakage is never going to be an issue.