Top King Muay Thai Shorts

Top King is a globe-identified manufacturer with its highest standard and unique quality. Produced utilizing methods and highest quality supplies with skilled artisans for toughness substantial functionality, versatility and security. Several competitions have been sponsored by Top King.

Top King Muay thai shorts are up there with some other best shorts on market. The design is clean and genuine to Thailand. Along with Twins, King Top is a manufacturer you will use most often utilized whenever you train in Thailand. Top King Shorts are made with 100% Polyester Satin to ensure that they feel silky smooth and have the durability to last longer than cheaper Nylon shorts that you will find on the market.

With the huge selection Using the large choice of designs and styles, you’ll certainly look for a pair of Top King Shorts that suits your design. These are genuine as any other Shorts available on the market. Top King provides a large choice of shorts that match every design if you like to possess an excellent manufacturer that many of practitioners use. Top King is surely a good brand you wish to have inside your wardrobe.

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Why are Muay Thai shorts so much shorter than the rest?

Muay thai originated from Thailand which is really a region that is very hot. Less is definitely more as it pertains to residing in humid country that has hot conditions. Muay thai shorts are made to provide the most of ventilation to Muay thai fighters to ensure the maximum amount of air flow when they are training they can cool off faster. Another reason why the shorts are short is because Thai Boxers like to expose their leg muscles when they are throwing kicks.

One brand that’ll spring to mind is Top King as it pertains to picking out a great pair of Muay thai shorts to utilize in training. Top King has an enormous choice of items they provide and is among the leading suppliers of Muaythai equipments. Regarding style, Top King includes a large number of designs that can suits the people’ demands.

Top King Muay Thai shorts provide 100s of different and unique designs and styles. Top King propose old and popular style of Muay Thai shorts as well as more modern style shorts with short length.


It’s very important to understand from what material your shorts are created from as you might be lured to go having low-priced pair of Muay thai pants. If you get shorts made form bad material they’ll become visible when they get wet.

Top King use Polyester strain in all Muay Thai shorts. Since it dries extremely fast because of best material from they made. This is a triat of a country having a humid and hot climate. The shorts have stretchable waistband to make sure that it’s fit when you wearing them. You can fix your waist band according to your need. When you correlate the Top King materials to other brands like Twins and Fairtex, they’re the identical. Cheaper the shorts, cheaper will be the quality of the material.

The life of Top king materials depends upon its usage. You can use one pair thorough out training go with the shorts having elastic waistbands. They usually lose their flexibility after a few years.


Top King Boxing’s have greatest selection of choice or design. With a large number of designs and various images to select from, you’re destined to locate something which you’ll like.

The retro shorts therefore are significantly smaller compared to normal shorts and possess a different side material.
Along with standard line of Muaythai shorts, Top King offers a particular type of shorts named the Top King Retro Muay Thai shorts. These Shorts therefore are made to be significantly smaller long and are created having a fine waistband. This style provide flexibility in kicks. For those who don’t mind in exposing a bit more of the legs, these are excellent shorts to have.

Overall, the quality of Top King shorts are exactly lies on expectations which would expect after paying top dollar for Muay Thai Shorts.

Retro vs Traditional Kickboxing Shorts

Which One Should You Get?

Evolution in sports is not very easy to cope with. In fact, there are not many sports that evolved properly and positively. Some sports even got extinct as the years passed by. Sports are perhaps the best source of entertainment involving pure strength, stamina, and skill from the athletes, keeping the thrill alive with unpredictable results. There are not many sports these days that can give the audience the adrenaline rush they need to get them cheering either from the sofa in their living room or from the stands.

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But on the short list of sports that do have the capability to keep you locked to the edge of your seat, mixed martial arts is on the very top. From the Malaysian ONE Fighting Championship to the internationally-acclaimed Ultimate Fighting Championship or more commonly known as the UFC, the world of MMA has evolved to heights that even the owners themselves could not imagine 2 decades ago. But look at where they stand now.

The world of mixed martial arts is very different than the world of boxing or even professional wrestling such as World Wrestling Entertainment, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling. The world of mixed martial arts is sort of a combination of both of these sports. It has the trash talk and drama we love in WWE and the big caliber money fights that we love in the WBC, creating nothing but an atmosphere of talent and sheer adrenaline that can’t be paralleled by any other sports form.

The world of mixed martial arts has been continuously evolving, and there are two things that have made this happen. The first one is the sense of evolution, and the other is the sense of understanding the sport. Today, we will be talking about the blend of both things.

The Kickboxing and MMA Relation

There are some bonds that are just too good to be true. These bonds are, what I like to call, ‘The Meant-To-Be’ bond and are perhaps the best bonds that you need to focus on. Such bonds are made when two things are unexpectedly put together and the results are sort of fantastic. When the world of MMA started to take a toll, there was not a lot of say in what is going to create the impact that was needed. In fact, some of the very first UFC fights were based on boxing and wrestling which did not gross up to a very nice amount. UFC President Dana White was perhaps the first one to come up with the innovative idea to introduce Muay Thai and kickboxing to the sport. Surprisingly enough, this was the meant-to-be bond that UFC needed to reach the very top.

It gave UFC some genre-defining moments, from legendary fighters like Michael Bisping who changed the game with his unique fighting style and gave UFC some of the most iconic matches in history to Mark ‘The Super Samoan’ Hunt whose signature walk-off knockout helped him become one of the most talked about athletes in the world. When talking about kickboxing, how can we forget Alistair Overeem who is currently dominating the MMA world with his Muay Thai and kickboxing skills?

In fact, there are hundreds of different fighters we might be forgetting at the moment. That is clearly because ever since the bond took place, the number of fighters in this specific field has only been growing and they have only been helping out the sport reach the top of the mountain. This was the second bit of our discussion today. We discussed how the sense of understanding the sport and choosing the right sport to create an impact on the world really changed everything. Now, let’s move on to the next topic i.e. how proper evolution of the sport helped it.

Kickboxing and MMA

Evolution in Kickboxing

There are tons of things that a brand needs to focus on if it wants to evolve and not just stay put. This is perhaps what tons of investors in the MMA world thought about when investing in Muay Thai and kickboxing. Kickboxing is perhaps one of the trickiest sports in the world of fighting. With maneuvers that are deadly and unique, it is taking the excitement and adrenaline rush through the roof for many people.

However, the real change takes place when the world starts accepting the sport and introducing new things to it. Kickboxing, even though was a unique fighting style, did not have a lot to it. The style statements that boxers and professional wrestlers in the day had, kickboxers didn’t. This is where evolution kicked in. The people investing in the sport realized that along with trash talk, fashion is another thing that needs to be focused on and the evolution in kickboxing started where we least expected it to start from.

When it comes to boxing and wrestling, there are tons of ring gear that can be branded to make a fashion statement. In kickboxing? Not so much. The only thing that kickboxers actually have on are probably their gloves and shorts. Very few liked to put boots on. In fact, some of the best kickboxers such as Conor McGregor never like to wear shoes in the ring to move more freely and attack better. What’s left? Kickboxing shorts! Well, this is where the evolution started.

Not only did people focus on how important this ring gear is after the evolution, but movie stars also started to put them into action. The revolution can be seen from traditional gear that Bruce Lee used to have on and the cooler, more retro gear that Jean-Claude Van Damme used to have on in his movies. As most people do not have any idea about such ring gear, let’s talk more about kickboxing shorts.

Ring Gear 101 – Importance of Kickboxing Shorts

The importance of this specific ring gear cannot be described in words. Where most people like to rate kickboxing gloves as perhaps the most important part of an athlete’s ring gear, I like to think that kickboxing shorts are equally, if not more, important for a fighter.

The one thing that distinguishes kickboxing from boxing and professional wrestling is unpredictability in maneuvers. The free movement, unpredictable maneuvers, and unique executions are what makes this sport different than any other game. People like to think that gloves are more vital to the athlete as they can clearly see the role of that kickboxing ring gear and its purpose. What people fail to realize is that kickboxing shorts allow the athlete to move around freely in the ring along with providing assistance when an unpredictable maneuver is on the mind and a free-flowing motion is needed. The right foot movement, the right kick, and even the right takedown or submission can completely change the result of a fight. Countless times, we have seen fighters who have taken the result into their own hands and have seen them create an aura of excellence just by making the right move at the right time. What do you think made that happen? Let me answer that for you. The right instinct, the right foot movement and, believe it or not, the right kickboxing shorts.

So, before one gets into the ring to start his Muay Thai or kickboxing training, choosing the right kickboxing shorts can really change the game. In fact, the right kickboxing shorts can give a new athlete the perfect breakout fights that they need to get their career or passion moving.

here are currently two major types of kickboxing shorts that have ruled the market from the very start. Most kickboxers choose their ring gear at the very beginning of the career to help them practice their personal moves perfectly. If you choose two different sorts of kickboxing shorts for both training and fights, you are not moving straight. In fact, you are actually in the front seat of a car that is about to explode; THAT is how bad of a decision it can be. The two major types of kickboxing shorts that have made the scene from the very start to the very end are retro shorts and traditional shorts. Let us discuss in detail which one suits you the best and which one has the perfect result packed in store for you.

Retro Kickboxing Shorts vs Traditional Kickboxing Shorts

The comparison between these two types of shorts can be a rather long one, but we would like to clear the major differences between them bit by bit in this article. How will that help? Well, each of the features that these retro and traditional kickboxing shorts have is different and serves a different purpose, which needs to be explained before you choose one for yourself. So, you need to realize that keeping in mind what these shorts do is important. Without further ado, let me get into a detailed version of differences between the two.

The size difference is the first thing that you will notice amongst both of the kickboxing shorts in this article. This is one feature of the shorts that actually makes the difference for you in the ring as well.

When you first look at a retro kickboxing short, you will realize that it is very short in size. It is perhaps slightly larger than an underwear and quite loose in terms of waist size. This type of kickboxing short is fit for training and sparring sessions. A fighter usually creates new maneuvers during training sessions and with shorts like these, the feet and knees can move easily. This makes it easy for the fighter to understand and memorize a certain move. The more freely a fighter moves in the ring, the better the move is executed. If you are looking for kickboxing shorts for the gym, this is just what you need. Train as much as you can in these babies to get the results you desire in the final match.

Traditional shorts are relatively bigger and are perhaps always of knee length. This type of kickboxing short is usually pretty loose and has a lot of sponsor logos all over it. As the name suggests, traditional shorts are made to be used in professional matches and were the first sort of professional ring gear that was made part of the MMA world since the inclusion of kickboxing. This ring gear is just as comfortable in the ring as the retro gear, but due to its looks and size, it is more suitable for competitions inside the ring.

Now, let’s come to the purpose of this kickboxing short. A traditional short is used by a fighter mostly to promote sponsors, but it contributes to the unpredictability of the maneuvers that a fighter can use in the ring. It allows ease in foot movements and makes the fighter unpredictable for the opponent. In the gym, the retro shorts allow you to move around 10% more freely, but outside of training, these traditional shorts help you improve the unpredictability of your moves and sponsor contributions.

All in all, kickboxing shorts play a very important role in the world of mixed martial arts. In fact, this role is so vital that it has allowed fighters and the fighting style itself to enhance and get platforms like UFC to the very top of the mountain. The different styles provided in this article elaborate on how important these outfits are for your ring performance. If you’re going to get yourself some kickboxing shorts, we certainly hope this article played an important role in making your final choice. The final choice obviously will be as per your preference of brand, style, and many other aspects, but the choice you make will directly affect your decisions in the ring.

Muay Thai Shorts Shopping Guide


The first thing we have to look at when selecting Muay Thai shorts is the material that is used. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the different materials, the more quality material is Satin and the cheaper material is Nylon. If you purchase a cheap pair of shorts made from Nylon, you will notice that they are see when they get wet. This means that you better wear some stylish underwear if you plan on sweating a lot.

Fortunately for Infightstyle fans, most Infightstyle Muay Thai shorts are all made from higher quality Satin materials. This means that you won’t have to worry about any see through shorts and people looking at your underwear. There are a few Infightstyle short designs that are made with Nylon materials and the price is half of the regular Satin shorts. So anytime you see half priced Infightstyle shorts, make sure you check the materials before you buy it.

Even though these shorts are more expensive compared to the cheaper brands out there, you will find that they do last longer than those other options.

Top King Muay Thai

Another issue that people encounter on shorts is the drawstrings being over stretched and losing their elasticity. This is something that can happen over time through natural wear and tear of the shorts. If you purchase cheaper shorts you will find that they use thin strip elastic waist bands that can easily break or lose their stretch. The standard Infightstyle shorts come with an 8-strip elastic waist band with a drawstring for an ideal fit.

The amount of times you use your shorts, the number of washing and drying you do will all impact the life of your shorts. Even the Infightstyle waistbands are prone to be stretched if you have used them for years of regular wear and tear.

Overall, Infightstyle offers shorts that are made with quality materials that are designed to last. While they are not cheap in price, the price can be justified when compared to some of the other cheaper brands out there.

If you want to move further and further, you need to wear this cute short. It is made of 100 percent soft satin which will make you feel comfortable. It is perfect for training and sparring. Its material is very soft and comfortable and this will make you win your race. They are made well and it will give you durable services come years.

Don’t hesitate to place your order on our site for the best of Muay Thai Shorts, for superb shopping experience.