Focus Mitt Training

If you’re looking forward to enhancing your fighting reflexes, then training on focus mitts can be very helpful. Focus mitt training helps stimulate the intellectual abilities too and develops realistic fighting tactics. Many boxers are using focus mitts as a tool for training and they do this by hitting as fast and hard as possible. Focus mitt training is not just about power and speed, but it also works on other capabilities such as strategy, timing, rhythm, style, and accuracy. You can use the focus mitts in different ways as it is a versatile tool for developing your boxing skills and techniques. In this post, we’ll discuss focus mitt as important boxing equipment and its usefulness to developing and enhancing boxing skills.

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What is a focus mitt and how is it used?

A focus mitt is a flat handheld pad that is made up of dense foam and is about 12 inches in diameter. The dense foam material is covered in vinyl or leather material and has been used in boxing, martial arts training, and kickboxing since a long time. These mitts are held by a training partner or coach at different ranges and positions, and the puncher works on it to enhance their defensive and offensive skills. Almost all the big names in the boxing world have practiced on this boxing equipment and developed their refined skills.

Importance and benefits of focus mitt training

Focus mitt training is very important if you want to improve your boxing skills like blocking, slipping, and rolling. It will help enhance your power, punching skills, endurance, speed, timing, and accuracy. It also allows you to practice against a moving object which improves focus, counter punching, footwork, and mimicking styles. Your defensive and offensive skills will be polished by using a focus mitt. Following are the main benefits of focus mitt training for a boxer:

Reduces stress

If you’re stress-free, then you can concentrate on anything easily. Our body is built either to fight or to flee from a serious and threatening situation. When you practice on focus mitts, many physical and chemical changes occur and your body’s stress level reduces. This practice makes the body fresh and is a great method to manage stress. This type of impact training affects the mind positively, and the body’s need to fight is also satisfied.

Burns fats

People who use to practice on focus mitts get into shape sooner. This is because this exercise reduces fat and makes the body toned and smart. This exercise also helps improve metabolism. The body fat you lose is the amount of calories burnt while practicing hitting. If you try interval training with this boxing equipment, it can be even more effective. Interval training means that you perform training sessions of moderate to high intensity over a certain period to burn calories.

Improvement of fighting and sparring skills

If you’re fond of fighting and boxing, you might have noticed that boxers begin to react to punches even before the opponent has started punching them. This is because when you often practice on a focus mitt, your mind is capable of reading the opponent’s mind. It will start interpreting the opponent’s gestures and other body signals and make a decision to use the boxing skills in the right way. The brain starts to understand and interpret the way punches and kicks are made in your direction over and over again. You start reading the body signals while you hold the focus mitts and see punches coming to you from different directions.

A good substitute for heavy bag training

Impact training can be very difficult and it stresses the body. You often end up being injured because you have to hit too hard and too often. Your muscles and tendons should be more resilient and strong enough to handle this pressure and impact. Before you try out on a heavy bag, you should be strong enough and have trained for weeks prior to starting this practice. That’s where you can start using a focus mitt as a boxing equipment. It is a lot easier to practice on focus mitts than a heavy 70-100 lbs. training bag. Focus mitts will allow you to practice your boxing skills without stressing out your muscles, joints, and connective tissues.

Tips to protect your hands while using focus mitts

When you use focus mitts for the first time, you may feel some kind of pain and cramping in your hands and wrists. This is not a common problem, but it can happen if you aren’t practicing the right way. While hitting a heavy bag, it is common to have hand, shoulders, and elbow problems because it is a hard and less movable surface. On the other hand, focus mitts are meant to provide an easy way to improve your boxing skills. Here are some tips to use focus mitts properly and efficiently:

  • Before increasing your striking power, you must focus on your striking techniques with precision and accuracy. Start training with light to moderate strikes and focus more on precision and then increase your hitting power to avoid pain.
  • Keep your focus mitt training sessions short at the start and give adequate gaps to allow your body to warm up in between. Start practicing once or twice in a week and give your body some recovery time between the sessions.
  • Use boxing gloves for hitting the pads instead of bag gloves. There is an additional layer of padding in the gloves that absorbs the energy and prevents your body from being hit. If that energy is not absorbed by the pads, it will be transferred to your body, thus causing pain.
  • Use cotton boxer’s wraps while you do focus mitt training. These wraps will stabilize and firmly hold your wrist and small bones and prevent them from hurting.
  • Perform exercises to strengthen your shoulder, elbow, and hand muscles and joints. You can try practicing kettlebell drills and grippers to increase the strength of your wrists, hands, and forearms.