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Quality gloves for safe training

Society demands us to be poised at all times. It requires us to suppress the pent-up rage and exhaustion we feel as we try to keep up with the fast-paced world. However, suppression of such feelings is not healthy.

We need a proper channel to let it all out. We need a channel that gives a positive direction to our up energy. To do so, you can start taking part in sports that allow you to vent it all out. One such sport is kickboxing.

What to buy kick boxing bag

Apart from relieving stress along with other emotions, kickboxing has various health benefits as well. These include better circulation of blood due to increased heart rate, improvement in balance and coordination, and an increase in flexibility of our body. Most importantly, kickboxing teaches us the art of self-defense.
However, we need to insure that kickboxing, which consists of kicking and punching, does not injure our hands. That is why there is an essential need for us to pick a high-quality kickboxing gloves for safe training before we start punching our way through to the top.

Kickboxing gloves, an essential tool

The perfect kicboxing gloves

How to choose the perfect gloves

If you are a beginner, the first thing you should do is to get yourself kickboxing gloves. However, there is more to the act of choosing these gloves than merely picking any one which is the cheapest and aesthetically pleasing.

The most important thing to look for in a glove is quality. High-quality gloves insure that your training sessions are safe. It guarantees that you are not plagued with sore knuckles, or if worst comes to worst, a fractured hand. Therefore, rather than picking the one which is the cheapest, insure that the gloves you choose are good enough to garner your protection.

Gloves comprise various designs and features, and your choice will be a matter of your preference. There is an availability of lace-up gloves which are better fit and more secure than other available options. Apart from lace-up, Velcro gloves are also popular which are marked by the convenience they provide to the users.

The material of the product can vary from vinyl to leather. The leather is known to be more durable. If durability is something you value, you should also look for gloves with gel padding rather than foam padding.

All in all, choosing the perfect gloves is not an easy decision, nor is it a uniform one. It depends on your preference and use.

Best kickboxing gloves

Here is a list of the best kickboxing gloves which you can choose from:

Fairtex Muay Thai boxing training gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Training Gloves

Fairtex is known to deliver products that are hard to forget. They are memorable because of their durability and custom fitting which insure your protection.


This product is marked by its unique construction which insures that the gloves fit tightly onto your hand. Such a feature allows this product to enhance the safety of your hand. It is made out of leather marked by high quality which makes this product immensely durable.

The Fairtex foam system also insures that your hands and knuckles are protected from injury. They do so by absorbing the shock of the hit. The inclusion of Velcro straps makes this product highly convenient to use. They are easy to put on compared to lace-up gloves.

Not only will these gloves suffice for kickboxing, but are also designed to be used for other similar sports. The fact that they are handmade give a personalized touch to the product.

These gloves are made for those who crave aesthetics as well as functionality. The availability of the gloves in various funky colors gives this product a lively and vibrant feel.

Pros and cons

These gloves are widely praised by boxers. Not only do they insure your safety during training but they are also durable. Their durability is appreciated by users. Moreover, the beautifully construction along with the inclusion of a genuinely high-quality leather has made this product popular amongst the masses.

Users do feel that the design of the product has made it slightly uncomfortable to use. Nonetheless, the design is made in such a way to protect your hand and knuckles for severe damage and therefore is a needed feature in the long run.


Overall, these gloves succeed in being a durable and high-quality product; two features which everyone craves for. If you require gloves for bag work and training, you cannot get a glove better than this one.

InFightStyle Lace Up Boxing Gloves

InFightStyle Lace Up Boxing Gloves

InFightStyle aims to provide sportswear which is modern as well as comfortable to use. By doing so, they insure that you are well-equipped for taking boxing to the next level. Their lace-up boxing gloves succeed in upholding their objectives.


These gloves are an ideal tool for kickboxing and also for Muay Thai, which is a similar sport from which kickboxing takes inspiration. This product prides itself on providing premium-quality gloves which are highly comfortable to use and also make sure that your safety is not compromised.

Their conviction in protecting you from any danger can be seen by the inclusion of extra soft padding material in the gloves. Such padding guarantees that your knuckles remain safe when you valiantly punch a bag or another player.
Moreover, the gloves are accompanied by a Velcro closure. Such a material is included in the overall design of the product to protect your wrist from damage.

The fact that these gloves are handmade adds an aesthetic appeal to them. It also allows for high-quality stitching. The material used for its construction is pure leather which insures the durability of the product.

Pros and cons

This product is lauded for being durable and comfortable. Moreover, the design of the gloves acts as a bonus. The black exterior of the gloves gives it an elegant look, as reported by many customers.

However, some believe that the gloves are on the pricey side. Since the gloves offer various features like quality, comfort, vibrant design and durability, it can be said that the value the product delivers outstrips the costs.


All in all, if you wish for a product which will help you in your kickboxing journey while simultaneously keeping all the bones in your hand intact, you will not be disappointed with this product.

Top King Gloves for training, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, MMA

Top King Gloves for training Muay Thai

Top King Gloves are known for their premium quality and attention to customer needs. Not only are they durable but they also succeed in serving various purposes.


This product uses multilayered foam which is known for its shock absorbing quality. The inclusion of such a foam in the product allows for protection and safety of your knuckles and hands.
Moreover, to further enhance the safety feature, this product includes extra foam padding in the wrist part of the gloves. This feature helps protect your wrist from injury on impact.

The mesh palm designed into the construction of the product insures that you are as comfortable as a man indulged in punching and kicking can be. It also allows for greater ventilation for your hand which guarantees that your skin does not get affected from being in a tight glove for extended time periods.

The product is made out of leather to enhance its durability and resistance to tear and rough use. The addition of various colors of gloves to choose from allows customers the freedom to express themselves via the gloves.

Pros and cons

This product is well received by users. It is appreciated for being highly durable and adequately ventilated. According to customers, breathability has led to an added benefit for odorless hands. They also feel that the extra padding of the gloves has helped in the stability of the hands during kickboxing, and has provided the much needed extra protection.
While some loved the extra protection and the slight hardness of the gloves that resulted from it, others were not so keen. They reported that the gloves caused discomfort and pain in their knuckles. However, since the built-in product is there to insure prevention of long-lasting damage, users were able to let go of this drawback when making their purchasing decision.


Overall, this product offers great value at a reasonable price. Its long-lasting feature transforms the price into a long-term investment which bears fruit regarding its extended use. If you value such durability, you may give this product a try.

Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER Sparring Gloves

Anthem Athletics StormBringer Sparring Gloves

Anthem Athletics takes pride in delivering products that are designed and tested for professional use. Such testing insures that the product that reaches customers is the best of the best. This sparring gloves also qualify for such praise.


This product is made of high-quality leather. The use of the leather in the construction of the product has enhanced the overall durability of the gloves. It also insures superior performance of the product compared to other premium gloves available.

These gloves are designed to be used for Muay Thai as well as training, bag work, and sparring. These gloves also prioritize their users’ safety above all. Such a feature is guaranteed by the use of PU foam, which is marked by triple density. This foam leads to optimum protection against injury and also acts as impact and shock absorbent.

To further enhance the safety feature of the gloves, these gloves include extra padding in the part which covers the wrist. It allows for high-quality wrist protection. The padding also allows these gloves to be well-fit. Both these features add on to the convenience of the users.

Pros and cons

This product has its pros and cons. People have appreciated these gloves for being comfortable to wear and for being aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they believe that the gloves are tailor-made for kickboxing and Muay Thai which acts as a value-added feature. The breathability that the gloves have is also well-received.
But some customers feel that the stitching of the product can be improved. Nevertheless, since the product is comparatively cheaper than other premium-quality gloves, customers feel that the pros outweigh the con.


These gloves succeed in providing a premium quality product at an affordable price. It is an ideal choice for those who value both these features.


There are several kickboxing gloves to choose from. Whatever you decide, make sure your decision positively affects your boxing experience !

If you are a member of the World Association of Kickboxing Organization or aspire to be a professional boxer, your glove will be your loyal companion.
Choose wisely.