Top King Muay Thai Shorts

Top King is a globe-identified manufacturer with its highest standard and unique quality. Produced utilizing methods and highest quality supplies with skilled artisans for toughness substantial functionality, versatility and security. Several competitions have been sponsored by Top King.

Top King Muay thai shorts are up there with some other best shorts on market. The design is clean and genuine to Thailand. Along with Twins, King Top is a manufacturer you will use most often utilized whenever you train in Thailand. Top King Shorts are made with 100% Polyester Satin to ensure that they feel silky smooth and have the durability to last longer than cheaper Nylon shorts that you will find on the market.

With the huge selection Using the large choice of designs and styles, you’ll certainly look for a pair of Top King Shorts that suits your design. These are genuine as any other Shorts available on the market. Top King provides a large choice of shorts that match every design if you like to possess an excellent manufacturer that many of practitioners use. Top King is surely a good brand you wish to have inside your wardrobe.

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Why are Muay Thai shorts so much shorter than the rest?

Muay thai originated from Thailand which is really a region that is very hot. Less is definitely more as it pertains to residing in humid country that has hot conditions. Muay thai shorts are made to provide the most of ventilation to Muay thai fighters to ensure the maximum amount of air flow when they are training they can cool off faster. Another reason why the shorts are short is because Thai Boxers like to expose their leg muscles when they are throwing kicks.

One brand that’ll spring to mind is Top King as it pertains to picking out a great pair of Muay thai shorts to utilize in training. Top King has an enormous choice of items they provide and is among the leading suppliers of Muaythai equipments. Regarding style, Top King includes a large number of designs that can suits the people’ demands.

Top King Muay Thai shorts provide 100s of different and unique designs and styles. Top King propose old and popular style of Muay Thai shorts as well as more modern style shorts with short length.


It’s very important to understand from what material your shorts are created from as you might be lured to go having low-priced pair of Muay thai pants. If you get shorts made form bad material they’ll become visible when they get wet.

Top King use Polyester strain in all Muay Thai shorts. Since it dries extremely fast because of best material from they made. This is a triat of a country having a humid and hot climate. The shorts have stretchable waistband to make sure that it’s fit when you wearing them. You can fix your waist band according to your need. When you correlate the Top King materials to other brands like Twins and Fairtex, they’re the identical. Cheaper the shorts, cheaper will be the quality of the material.

The life of Top king materials depends upon its usage. You can use one pair thorough out training go with the shorts having elastic waistbands. They usually lose their flexibility after a few years.


Top King Boxing’s have greatest selection of choice or design. With a large number of designs and various images to select from, you’re destined to locate something which you’ll like.

The retro shorts therefore are significantly smaller compared to normal shorts and possess a different side material.
Along with standard line of Muaythai shorts, Top King offers a particular type of shorts named the Top King Retro Muay Thai shorts. These Shorts therefore are made to be significantly smaller long and are created having a fine waistband. This style provide flexibility in kicks. For those who don’t mind in exposing a bit more of the legs, these are excellent shorts to have.

Overall, the quality of Top King shorts are exactly lies on expectations which would expect after paying top dollar for Muay Thai Shorts.

Understanding the Art of Muay Thai

All of us have some idea about the different kinds of martial arts styles that exist in the world. A lot of us are so attracted by this world of martial arts that we decide to pursue learning one or two of them ourselves. We are usually motivated by the fact that martial arts serve as an effective self-defense in cases where they are needed as well as an interesting hobby for those who like to channel their aggression into something worthwhile.

Whatever the motivation, with the abundance of styles, we have problems choosing one for ourselves. It is imperative that we gather all the information there is and find one that is suitable for us. As time progresses, more and more people are becoming interested in learning the art of Muay Thai. However, not a lot of them have any idea what this exotic-sounding martial art actually entails.

To understand Muay Thai, one needs a brief glance at its history and an understanding of the differences between it and kickboxing. Here, we’ll be giving a brief overview regarding Muay Thai, so you can fully understand this art and pursue it if you wish.

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What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai literally means “Thai Boxing” when translated from Thai to English. The art of Muay Thai is centuries old and originated somewhere in Thailand. It is derived from an ancient and obsolete Thai fighting style known as ‘Muay Boran.’ It was a fighting style practiced by the Thai army. Muay Thai comes under the umbrella of kickboxing in today’s world. Muay Thai is usually called the “art of eight limbs” or “kickboxing with elbows and knees.” The number of different moves you can pull with this fighting style is what makes this sport so appealing to so many people.

It utilizes hands, shins, forearms, elbows, legs and knees to combat opponents or defend against their attacks. In Muay Thai, each body part used becomes an equivalent of a weapon in a fight. This art was meant to use the body as a replacement of weaponry. Today, Muay Thai is one of the most widely practiced martial arts and has become a popular sport as well. There are competitions held all over the world where people from different countries participate.

Muay Thai training is very tough. You need to make up your mind before you enroll yourself in a Muay Thai class since there is a lot of pain involved in mastering it. In addition to that, a lot of people concede to the point that Muay Thai teaches you a lot more than combat or self-defense. It also teaches you values like modesty, confidence, and truthfulness. Muay Thai is, therefore, an all-encompassing training – one that trains your mind and body both.

How Muay Thai Differs from Kickboxing

As we previously established, Muay Thai is a sub-art of kickboxing. It goes without saying that it has some points on which it differs from kickboxing. We’ll explore these points in order to gain a better understanding of Muay Thai.

Additional Techniques

Mainstream kickboxing does not allow many of the moves that are used in Muay Thai. Muay Thai incorporates a lot more moves than kickboxing such as hammer fists, back fists, palm strikes, elbow strikes, knee strikes and clinches. If you use these moves in a traditional kickboxing arena, you are likely to get disqualified.


In Muay Thai, grappling and clinching is allowed. Compared to that, traditional kickboxing does not allow any sort of clinching and where one does grapple with the other, the referee will try to break it up. The fact that you will not be allowed to grapple or clinch your opponent in kickboxing has raised concerns amongst many practicing kickboxers, who believe that disallowing clinching is not an effective self-defense tactic.


Hits Below the Waist

Hits below the waist are not allowed in kickboxing but are in Muay Thai. However, it should be noted that hits near the groin area are not allowed for very obvious reasons.

Point System

Kickboxing is a four-point sport, whereas Muay Thai is an eight-point sport. This means that to win a round of Muay Thai, you need to score eight points and to win one of kickboxing, you need four points. The difference in points is majorly because the number of moves allowed in Muay Thai is far greater than the ones allowed in kickboxing. Muay Thai is more focused on constantly attacking the opponent until they give in, while kickboxing is all about precision – you need to land a few quick, clean hits to win the game.

Effectiveness in Self-Defense

There has always been a lot of debate surrounding Muay Thai and kickboxing in regards to their effectiveness in self-defense. Most people are of the opinion that Muay Thai is a far better alternative for self-defense than kickboxing because it allows clinching, grappling, and hits below the waist – all of which are useful moves when you’re in a sticky situation.

However, before we completely disparage kickboxing, it should be kept in mind that kickboxing was originally meant to be a sport. Muay Thai, on the other hand, is a combat style used initially by soldiers. Hence, it is a given that it will be more useful for real-life combat than kickboxing.


To summarize, Muay Thai is an art that comes under kickboxing. Both of these arts differ at some points and to understand Muay Thai, one must understand kickboxing as well. One thing that the two have in common with each other as well as other martial arts is that to learn them fully, you need to put in many hours of training.

We hope you’re feeling motivated enough to get yourself enrolled in a Muay Thai class too. You don’t need to be discouraged by the amount of effort needed in mastering the art – all you need to do at this point is get a feel of what Muay Thai is really like.

Muay Thai Shorts Shopping Guide


The first thing we have to look at when selecting Muay Thai shorts is the material that is used. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the different materials, the more quality material is Satin and the cheaper material is Nylon. If you purchase a cheap pair of shorts made from Nylon, you will notice that they are see when they get wet. This means that you better wear some stylish underwear if you plan on sweating a lot.

Fortunately for Infightstyle fans, most Infightstyle Muay Thai shorts are all made from higher quality Satin materials. This means that you won’t have to worry about any see through shorts and people looking at your underwear. There are a few Infightstyle short designs that are made with Nylon materials and the price is half of the regular Satin shorts. So anytime you see half priced Infightstyle shorts, make sure you check the materials before you buy it.

Even though these shorts are more expensive compared to the cheaper brands out there, you will find that they do last longer than those other options.

Top King Muay Thai

Another issue that people encounter on shorts is the drawstrings being over stretched and losing their elasticity. This is something that can happen over time through natural wear and tear of the shorts. If you purchase cheaper shorts you will find that they use thin strip elastic waist bands that can easily break or lose their stretch. The standard Infightstyle shorts come with an 8-strip elastic waist band with a drawstring for an ideal fit.

The amount of times you use your shorts, the number of washing and drying you do will all impact the life of your shorts. Even the Infightstyle waistbands are prone to be stretched if you have used them for years of regular wear and tear.

Overall, Infightstyle offers shorts that are made with quality materials that are designed to last. While they are not cheap in price, the price can be justified when compared to some of the other cheaper brands out there.

If you want to move further and further, you need to wear this cute short. It is made of 100 percent soft satin which will make you feel comfortable. It is perfect for training and sparring. Its material is very soft and comfortable and this will make you win your race. They are made well and it will give you durable services come years.

Don’t hesitate to place your order on our site for the best of Muay Thai Shorts, for superb shopping experience.