Buying Quality Kick Boxing Equipment

Kick boxing is an excellent sport that can help improve hand-eye coordination and balance and get some good cardio and martial arts practice to teach you self-protection. Before you get started with the sport, there is some essential equipment that you need to get. It is crucial to protect yourself when training and sparring, which is why you need to purchase some quality kick boxing gear that will protect your limbs from bruises, your teeth from getting blown, and your overall body from injuries. If you do not have quality equipment, then you might have to take long healing breaks between the training sessions.
There are various brands of kick boxing equipment that you can choose from depending on your style, budget, and personal preferences.

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Kick Boxing Gloves

Among the necessary tools that kickboxers need, kick boxing gloves are the most important boxing equipment whether you are training or playing an actual match. There are different types of gloves that need to be carefully chosen depending on the rules, phase, and category of the game as well as personal preference of the fighter. The four basic types include:

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are used for protecting your hand but not what you are hitting. Their primary purpose it to protect the knuckles when you are hitting the bags hard. They can also adjust to your knuckles and offer harder impact. There are two types of bag gloves: classic bag gloves and modern bag gloves. The difference between the two is of padding. While classic ones have a dense padding and do not offer much wrist support, modern gloves are more padded, user-friendly and hand-friendly.

Cardio Gloves

These are used for hitting mitts and heavy bags, which is why they have a thick padding to absorb impact. However, if you are going to transition to boxing, then these may not be suitable for you. These have the least amount of padding and tend to fall apart faster.

Sparring Gloves

These are designed to protect you and your sparring partner and develop your skills and techniques. Most sparring gloves come with a balanced weight distribution and have excellent cushioning properties to increase stamina and endurance, especially in the shoulders.

Fighting/Pro Gloves

As the name suggests, they are used for actual fighting. Fighting gloves are more compact and have smaller padding to hurt your opponent. However, they can be dangerous to use when training as they can hurt your hands.

Mouth Guards

If you are going to be sparring, then mouth guards are essential equipment that must be used even if it is just for practice or drills. It will reduce the impact of any punch that is hit on the chin or cheek area. However, before you use the equipment, make sure to boil it for at least thirty seconds prior to placing it in your mouth so that it fits perfectly.

Shin Guards

When it comes to kick boxing, shin guards are just as significant as boxing gloves. When you are sparring or drilling, you will surely need them as shin-on-shin contact can fracture your skin if you are not careful. Hence, they can protect you from any freak accident. However, when you are kicking Muay Thai bags, you do not need shin guards since you are hardening your shins. A quality shin guard is the one that can absorb a lot of impact on your shins and is heavy or bulky enough to constrict your kicks.

Ankle Wraps

Kick boxing involves a lot of movement, especially lateral movement that makes your ankles more likely to get injured by inappropriate landing. Ankle support wraps, if worn during sparring, can prevent injuries to a great extent. This equipment is very important and should be worn at all times, even if you are only shadow kick boxing.


The most important equipment for sparring is a headgear that can absorb the impact of any punch or kick that goes to the face. Today, a broad variety of different types of headgear are available on the market. While some of these are high-priced, some are very cheap. However, head protection is something very serious, so you cannot let price decide the type of equipment you are buying. Usually, the cheaper ones do not work well and are unable to absorb hard punches and kicks efficiently.

Kick Boxing Shoes

When getting starting with kick boxing, shoes are among the primary apparel that you will have to invest in. Similar to other sports and activities, a player’s major concern should be their safety and avoiding injuries. Quality kick boxing shoes will not only protect you but also enhance your skills and prowess. They can improve your overall performance while helping you avoid the common pitfalls that come because of the lack of training and experience.

Punching Bags

To improve your skills in the sport of kick boxing, punching bags are one of the most useful training tools that one should purchase. Whether you are getting into the sport for fitness and health purposes or are training for a competition, these will prove to be very helpful and effective in improving your technique, increasing your strength, and boosting your stamina. There are a variety of different types of punching bags available on the market that can be bought depending on an individual’s specific goals. Around the world, they are a staple in several fitness centers and gyms.

Kick Boxing Belts

Like many martial arts use belts to show the grade of fighters or skill level, kick boxing belts are also designed in a similar manner. They use several different colors to show the player’s current status. Many kick boxing clubs and gyms use these belts to grade their students. However, in traditional Thai kick boxing fashion, colored strings are tied around the player’s biceps instead of belts. If your plan is to join a kick boxing center, then it would be wise to recognize different colors and know their relative grading.