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Yokkao Apache Green Boxing Gloves



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Yokkao Apache Blue Muay Thai boxing gloves with Velcro wrist bands are handmade and are the same gloves used in the best training camps in Thailand.

Inspired by the Apache Tribe, Native Americans famed for their tenacity and fighting skills, the Apache Boxing Gloves designed by Yokkao embody the fight spirit. Carry that spirit to your next training session or time in the ring.

The ergonomic fit is designed to improve performance during intense training sessions and competitions.

The state-of-the-art padding used by Yokkao Boxing provides greater protection from injuries and the practical Velcro wrist band is tested for over 100,000 fastening and un-fastenings.

Now you’re ready to fight with just one pair of Yokkao thai boxing gloves.

Velcro Thai Boxing Gloves – code BYGL
The high quality with which Yokkao gloves are made makes them the right choice for training in Muay Thai, K-1 Thai boxing and MMA sparring.

The collection consists of a variety of colours embellished with gold or silver detailing, making them unique and inimitable.

The colour of the leather and the ergonomic fit are the result of careful attention in the choice of the raw materials.

Knuckle protection is achieved with special cushioning made of several layers of padding, designed to improve the impact of punches.

Gloves variation are in ounces (oz) which indicates the weight of gloves, not their size.

6oz – Kids weight

8oz – Junior or women fighting weight in Kickboxing

10oz – Standard fighting weight in kickboxing and boxing

12oz – Training and fighting weight from Featherweight

14oz – Training weight

16oz – Training and sparring weight

18oz – Sparring weight

Choose glove weight according to use and purpose

If you are unsure about which glove you need, please ask your coach, trainer, or contact us.

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10 oz, 12 oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18 oz

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