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Top Ten Pointfighter COUNTRY Gloves-BRASIL (Item number: 2165 BRASIL)


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Top Ten Pointfighter COUNTRY Gloves-BRASIL

Item number: 2165 BRASIL’
Color: green/yellow/black
Material: synthetic-leather

Fighters Inc. produced these Top Ten country gloves in honor of the national teams that participated in the 2011 US Open.
Now that competition is over and we can sell the Top Ten gloves at a discount. These are official Top Ten gloves, but some cracks in the country paint may occur during use. Unfortunately, we cannot correct the problem. Buyer beware please!

Unique Top Ten patterns created just for Fighters Inc. USA. This specially designed equipment. 

These gloves are specially developed for point-fighting and taekwondo ITF. A very light glove with pre-shaped padding.

Made of durable artificial rexion!

Aproximate weight:

size XS – Each glove 6.3 oz

size S – Each glove 6.7 oz

size M – Each glove 7.8 oz

size L – Each glove 8.1 oz

size XL – Each glove 9.5 oz

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