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TOP TEN Glossy Kicks (Item number: 30699-G)


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TOP TEN Glossy Kicks

Item number: 30699-G
Color: black/red
Material: glossy artificial leather

These TOP TEN Glossy Line Kicks provide exceptional protection.

This Top Ten model has improvements in the covering and an anti-slip material for the lining. Glossy lightweight artificial leather is used to surround the inner molding. The lining has been improved to increase comfort and reduce slipping caused by sweating. Great for training and competitions. Padding is super shock absorbent Bayfill to protect against instep and ankle injuries.

Bayfill® Material The semi-rigid polyurethane molding foam Bayfill® made by Bayer MaterialScience Company in Germany. Special formulations are used for constructive components concerning safety, special crash-elements.

• Components are pleasant to the touch
• Freedom for design
• Sweat resistant
• Virtually indestructible
• Highly shock absorbent
• No-slip gripping

Aproximate weight:

size XS – Each kick 6.2 oz

size S – Each kick 8.0 oz

size M – Each kick 9 oz

size ML – Each kick 9.5 oz

size L – Each kick 9.8 oz

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