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Thumbnail 1 Paffen Sport Mouth Guard – Made in Germany


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Thumbnail 1 Paffen Sport Mouth Guard – Made in Germany


Item number: pafblk

Color: black
Material: rubber

Paffen Sport Mouth Guard Made in Germany. This is the most popular mouth guard used by fighters throughout Europe. It’s known for its versatility, comfort, and refreshing peppermint-menthol flavor. Provides an excellent fit and maintains required safety standards for all fighting styles. Follow fitting instructions to obtain the optimal fit personalized for your mouth.

Instructions for a perfect fit

1. Put the mouth guard on the upper teeth. Affix the blank and slightly bite on it. Use a knife to remove disturbing parts of plastic. People with smaller mouths may even use scissors to cut the backs off slightly.

2. Put the mouth guard into hot water and, depending on how hot it is, keep it there until you can recognize the mouth guard material is soft enough to form. Maybe 30 seconds. It should almost be like chewing gum, but hard enough to maintain its shape in your mouth.

3. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with cold water.

4. Take the mouth guard out of the hot water and fix it to the upper teeth by pressing the tongue towards the palate and biting slightly with the bottom teeth. At the same time, you should suck the water from the guard so the vacuum will press the guard to your teeth.

5. Put the mouth guard into cold water.

6. Put it back in your mouth. The best way to know if the guard is fitted is by opening your mouth. If the mouth guard stays with your upper teeth then the mouth guard is properly fitted. If it drops, return it to the hot water and repeat. You may need to curve the upper sides of the guard with your fingers after putting it in your mouth to ensure that it will grip the upper teeth.

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