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Thai Pads by HMIT


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HMIT = Handmade in Thailand. Traditional quality craftsmanship from Bangkok, Thailand. These heavy duty Thai Pads are made with ultra thick premium cowhide leather and a dense shock absorption padding. Built for years of abuse from knees, kicks, punches, elbows, and anything you can throw at them. The curved design aids in proper technique and offers a sweet spot for the athlete and trainer.

Product Description

  • 100% Premium Cowhide Leather
  • Thick dense shock absorbing padding
  • Dual velcro rear closure
  • Curved design catches kicks and punches perfectly
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 15 x 7 x 3


HMIT are made focusing on the key Importance of Thai Pad Training with it plenty of
of advantages..
Thai pad training is simply a paramount step in Muay Thai boxing . It is a part of the principles. This is how you start learning the skill.
Goal Building
The target is defined, as well as the trainee needs to reach on the area that is shown to him; much like a genuine fight. His goal skills can sharpen using Thai pad training.
Technique of Throwing a Kick
This prepares them for real battles.
Developing Speed & Power
As it works to develop the speed and strength of the professional, Thai pad training is very important. You slowly learn how to boost strength as well as the speed of your strikes, and start slow.
Needless to say, the individual training the professional is protected against bruises and injuries together with assistance from Thai pads.You never understand when danger strikes. Thai pad training lets you really get to utilize your own body as a weapon; consistently prepared for assault when you possess the skills.
HMI Thai pads are useful for Developing Coaching Skills
Learning how you are presumed to properly hold Thai pads acquires your training abilities. After your skill level is amplified, this becomes quite advantageous.
Creating a Better Relationship with the Professionals
Not knowing the best way to hold your Thai pads reduces the particular level of your skills. This annoys many partners as this really is the essential part of learning the art farther.
Making You More Watchful
Thai pad training warms up you for the fight that is actual. You learn when and how to strike and which movement ought to be immediately followed by which. Consequently, your focus is sharpened.
Teaching You How Much Pressure to Implement
Thai pad training teaches you just how much pressure to utilize in the contact point to hold your pads. This is critical in not only protecting yourself, but also to provide your partner a tough work out.
Learning How to Block Strike
It’s also important to educate you on the way to block the blows of another individual without getting yourself damage. You learn to take care of the ferocity with which you are struck at.
Development of Your Skills
Thai pad training is essential to improve your own skills. There’s a great deal to learn. It provides you with an opportunity to take notice of your errors and master your flaws. Hence, Thai pad training is advantageous for both the players.
Bonus: Remain Healthy
Thai pad training also enables you to stay fit and keep a good physique. It is of extreme relevance to ready your body for the following phase if you might be a beginner. With HMIT Thai Pads you can rest assure that they will maintain your daily students workout

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