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Sport bra Coolguard -Item number: 0093-9


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Sport bra Coolguard

Color: black
Material: polyester

Instructions For Use

The Cool Guard sports bra is designed to support the female athletes breasts and lessen injury from contact. The correct fit of the Cool Guard is important.
To select the correct bra size refer to above mentioned chart. Measure the chest size under the bust. Select the correct bra from the chart. Plastic inserts should be chosen with regard to the diagram in the same chart. NOTE – INSERTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY!!!
The best procedure for wearing the Cool Guard is to place the bra on the body first then insert the plastic cups from the front, between the two layers of fabric. Remove the inserts from the bra as soon as possible after training to further assists body cooling.
The Cool Guard Bra made from DuPont Tactel.


Do not expose the polyethylene inserts to water hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, strong clearing chemicals, solvents, or long periods of direct sunlight.
The Cool Guard Bra should be hand washed with mild detergent and water under 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not dry clean.
Inspections of the bra should be undertaken regularly for cuts, torn threads or excessive stretch, and the cover replaced to hold the inserts securely in place.

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