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Shinguard Fighter EFS (Item number: FTXS-02)


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Shinguard Fighter EFS

Color: red/black
Material: synthetic-leather

Fighter EFS Shin guard (Extreme Fastening System) – This model has many innovative features to highlight.
First, a long strap from the back of the shin guard wraps to form an ‘x’ across the instep, under the arch, and around the ankle to secure the shin guard to the foot and prevent any slipping. Under the instep cover are two elastic toe-straps that can be used to keep the instep cover firmly to the top of the foot.
Two velcro straps go through the shin guard to attach the upper part of the shin guard to the back of the leg. These fastening features guarantee a snug fit with no movement. 

The shin guard is ergonomically shaped to maximize comfort on impact zones.
Thicker foam is in areas that need the most protection and thinner where less protection is needed. This helps to reduce the overall weight. The instep covers have been shaped for a left and right foot to offer a bit more protection on those parts of the foot.

Lastly, a small gap-pad has been attached to protect the usually unprotected gap between the instep cover and upper shin guard. Usually, this unprotected area is at risk of being hit by elbows.

You will only find these features on the Fighter EFS Shin guard; an ideal choice for full-contact athletes of Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA, and other combat sports.

New Extreme Fastening System

– Right and Left instep covers
– Overall ergonomic shaping
– Protective gap-pad between shin and instep
– Toe-straps under the instep cover
– Soft inner-lining

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