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Shin-/Instepguard TOP TEN Lowkick red/black (Item number: 3216-6)


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Shin-/Instepguard TOP TEN Lowkick red/black

Item number: 3216-6
Color: blue/black
Material: synthetic-leather

Shin-/Instepguard TOP TEN “Lowkick” blue/black

Designed and built for MMA training, and especially for kickboxing Lowkick competitions. WAKO appr. in red & blue, also available in black.

Pulled over like a stocking with two strong Velcro straps aAofr secure fit and perfect protection. The backside is made of high quality neoprene.The front side is made of heavy-duty artificial leather with a thick padding (approx. 1.1 inch) of impact absorbing material.

  • Velcro straps ofr secure fit and perfect protection
  • heavy-duty artificial leather
  • high quality neoprene
  • thick padding (approx. 1.1 inch)
  • WAKO approved
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