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Open Hands TOP TEN – Superfight (Item number: 2053-4)


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Open Hands TOP TEN – Superfight

Item number: 2053-4
Color: red/white
Material: leather

The Top Ten open gloves are specially developed for taekwondo ITF. A very light glove with pre-shaped padding.
The special padding in all TOP TEN gloves is made of the BAYFILL® material. Covered in leather.

Bayfill® Material
The semi-rigid polyurethane molding foam
Bayfill® made by Bayer MaterialScience
Company. Special formulations are used for constructive components concerning safety, special crash-elements.

• Components are pleasant to the touch
• Freedom for design
• Sweat resistant
• Virtually indestructible
• Highly shock absorbent
• No-slip gripping

Aproximate weight:

size XS – Each glove 6.3 oz

size S – Each glove 6.7 oz

size M – Each glove 7.8 oz

size L – Each glove 8.1 oz

size XL – Each glove 9.5 oz

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