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New – Boxing Gloves Competition AIBA (Item number: 2010-6N)


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New – Boxing Gloves Competition AIBA

Item number: 2010-6N
Color: blue
Material: leather

Officially approved AIBA boxing glove with AIBA decal. The official boxing competition glove of 3 Olympic Games. During the Games in 1992 at Barcelona, in 1996 at Atlanta and again at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, TOP TEN gloves were used exclusively in all boxing competitions.
The special padding in all TOP TEN gloves is made of the BAYFILL® material. All TOP TEN gloves are covered with top quality genuine leather. Since the introduction of TOP TEN boxing gloves and the mandatory use of head guards to all AIBA, Olympic, and other international boxing competitions, the knockout ratio has been reduced to under 1%.
The extra volume in the padding not only protects the fighter while being hit, but it also provides extra protection for the hands and wrists of the puncher.
The German company Budoland GmbH got the AIBA license in 2007 for TOP TEN gloves and headguards. Only products which have the AIBA label, are allowed to be used at international amateur boxing Championships and international tournaments.
Bayfill® Material

The semi-rigid polyurethane molding foam

Bayfill® made by Bayer MaterialScience

Company. Special formulations are used for

constructive components concerning safety,

special crash-elements.


• Components are pleasant to the touch

• Freedom for design

• Sweat resistant

• Virtually indestructible

• Highly shock absorbent

• No-slip gripping


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