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Meister Portable Hand Wrap Roller – Stainless Steel


Portable Meister Hand Wraps Roller

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Tired of rolling your wraps by hand? The Portable meister hand wraps  Roller is exactly what you need! Simply slide one end of your hand wrap through the guide opening and start rolling. This portable meister hand wraps roller from Meister MMA will fit easily in your gym bag so you can re-wrap your hand wraps in seconds at the gym or after you wash them. And, it fits all 2″ wide wraps, any length. Stop wasting your time and get this roller today!

Meister Hand Wraps Details:

– meister hand wraps Re-wrap your hand wraps in seconds!
– meister hand wraps Fits all 2″ wide wraps & any lengths – All Meister wraps
– Super portable, fits in the palm of your hand
– Just slide in your loose wraps and easily roll them up
– You will be everyone’s new friend at the gym!
– Hand Wraps Not Included

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