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Boxing Bag Gloves by InFightStyle – White 140z


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Infightsyle aims to deliver value-added products to its customers via its online shop. This pair of gloves is one such product.


These gloves are made of leather marked by high quality. Such leather makes this product highly durable since it can withstand rough use while successfully avoiding tears. Such a feature makes these gloves stand out amongst other competing products.

Infightstyle pays heed to the needs of the customers. That is why these gloves include nylon in the interior of the product. Nylon helps in repelling water and moisture and therefore insures that the skin of your hands is not damaged, and remains odorless.

The inclusion of a Velcro closure allows for wrist support and convenience. It is because the Velcro makes the gloves easier to put on.

Pros and cons

This product is lauded for its multi-purpose features. The fact that it can be used for kickboxing and Muay Thai makes this product attractive for a variety of users. The use of leather is appreciated for the enhanced durability that it brings.
However, some believe that the design is too simple and monotonous. Since the product succeeds in doing its function flawlessly, this drawback is overlooked by users.

Infightstyle does not disappoint with this product. Not only is it affordable but its durability and high quality also guarantee a memorable boxing experience.

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