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Great gloves for  KickBoxing, Sparring, Training, Muay Thai Boxing with  extra soft padding that keeps your knuckles safe and Velcro closure protects your wrist at the moment of impact.

Punch safe and train safe with quality gloves that are hand made in Thailand, ensuring the traditions of crafting a real quality boxing gloves. Made of 100% leather.

Train safe w/ quality gloves

hand made in Thailand

Made of high-quality material, they are durable for long-term use They can give you optimal striking protection in the training and competition

They are indispensable appliances for daily training

They are easy to use and comfortable to wear during boxing matches

These gloves are optimal for grappling and striking in both training and competition


The kickboxing gloves convenience depends upon its style; Infightstyles  great design keeps your hand firm,  because sporting an unpleasant glove that slides round the hand when punching or one that seems too free can lead to a variety of difficulty. Nevertheless, adding another level of hand-wrap, producing the glove experience snugger can overcomes this problem.
The 2nd essential aspect Infightstyle focused on was the  toughness and construct, they rely on the traditional supplies and hand made techniques from a traditional Muay Thai Glove, with some  improvements.
Another essential facet of kickbboxing gloves Infightstyle focus on is how you look in them. Infightsytle has a extensive selection is of kickboxing gloves on the marketplace now a days that feature a fashionable and cool yet threatening style. From carbon fiber greens with vibrant neon lines and fluorescent red to color that is tough. Something for everybody to select from. Nothing makes a kick boxer feel much better than sporting something which makes them feel well.
Based on the sport’s custom, thinking about the fat of the individual picks boxing gloves. Nine- to five-oz gloves are ideal for ladies who consider 45 kg purchased for kids or significantly less than 100 pounds. Five- to twelve-oz gloves may completely match individuals whose fat runs from 100 to 125 pounds (24 to 55 kg). Individuals who consider between 125 to 150 pounds (55 to 70 kg) is going for 12- to 14-oz gloves, while people who consider between 150 to 180 pounds (70 to 80 kg) are suggested to purchase 14- to 16-oz gloves. Sixteen-oz gloves are greatest ideal for those who consider over 180 pounds (80 kg).


InFightstyle kickboxing  training gloves
InFightstyle is well known to deliver products which can be difficult to forget. They are memorable because of custom fitting and their durability which insure your protection.
Its own unique building which assures that the gloves fit tightly onto your hand marks the product. This type of feature enables this product to improve the security of your hand. It’s made from leather marked by high quality that makes this product exceptionally lasting.
A personalized touch is given by the truth that they are handcrafted to the item.
These gloves are created for people who crave aesthetics as well as functionality. The access to the kickboxing gloves in a variety of funky shades gives this product an energetic and dynamic feel.
These gloves are broadly praised by fighters. Not only do they guarantee your safety during training but also they are long-lasting. Users appreciate their durability.
Users do believe that the layout of the merchandise has made it comfortable to make use of. The design is made in this way to secure knuckles and your hand for serious damage and thus is a needed feature in the long term.
Overall, these gloves succeed in really being a lasting and high-quality product; two characteristics which everyone craves for. You CAn’t get a glove better than this one, in the event that you require gloves for bag work and training.

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