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HMIT Tech Punch Mitts – Yellow


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Hand Made in Thailand, premium quality leather for years of heavy use. The unique curved design catches punches perfectly while involving the full hand and thumb giving the trainer more control and better feel. Extra wrist support is provided by a raised layer of padding on the back of the mitt, reducing trainer fatigue and injury when a punch is not accurately thrown.

Product Details

  • 100% Premium Cowhide Leather
  • Multi layered shock absorbing padding
  • Contour design
  • Slip on easy on and off design
  • Velcro closure
  • Shrouded fingers
  • padded wrist support
  • Hand Made in Thailand

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in

Advancement of fighting and sparring abilities
If you’re fond of fighting and boxing, you might have detected that fighters begin to react to punches even prior to the adversary has began punching them. This is only because when you frequently practice on a focus mitt, your mind is capable of reading the opponent’s mind. It’s going to start interpreting the adversary’s gestures and other body signs and make a choice to use the boxing abilities in the correct manner.
By using HMIT focus mitts for the very first time, you can feel your hands and wrists for some kind of cramping and pain. This really is not a standard problem, in the event you’ren’t practicing the proper manner but it could occur. While hitting a heavy bag, it really is common to possess hand, shoulders, and elbow difficulties because it is a hard and less movable surface. On the flip side, focus mitts are meant to provide an easy method to enhance your boxing skills. Here are some suggestions to use focus mitts efficiently and properly:
You need to concentrate on your dramatic techniques with accuracy and precision before upping your dramatic power. Start training with light to average strikes and focus more on precision and then improve your hitting power to prevent pain.
With HMIT focus mitts you can start practicing twice or once in a week and present your body some recuperation time between the sessions.

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