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Gym Striking Mount Pro Speed Bag


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Fast rebound and long lasting wear makes the Pro Speed Bag a great choice. Available in 2-sizes for different skill levels.

Product Description

  • All leather construction
  • Welted seams
  • Riveted handle loop
  • Long lasting bladder

The SpeedĀ bag by Combat Corner

As the particular name implies, the speed and correctness of combatants wills improve. It’s essential in the sport notably among advanced and intermediate fighters who are harnessing several techniques and blends. The speed bag is defined by its teardrop shape. It’s also covered in leather and just weighs around 1.5 to 2 pounds.
The speed bag might be suspended at its uppermost tip with a hook or band or held in between a few high tension cables. The traditional speed bag is held up at about eye level wherein fighters will start developing their rhythm by striking on the bag in a consecutive manner using their fists. Don’t forget to use your knuckles when punching and not the base of your closed fists. A rhythmic pattern wills bounce in, thereby improving the hand-eye coordination, correctness and conditioning of kickboxers.

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