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Fighter Open Gloves (Item number: F1399PB)


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Fighter Open Gloves

Item number: F1399PB
Color: pink
Material: PU

A new generation of open-hand gloves by Fighter. Changes in subtle design and material characteristics improve overall performance and feel of the glove.

One fantastic improvement is the soft, felt-like material lining the inside of the glove and finger pockets.This material not only ads a bit more comfort to the glove, but is specifically designed to absorb sweat and moisture.

Having a dry glove reduces slipping. This model carries a rounded edge fastening strap with softer piping to stop possible scratching. These improvements have not effected the ergonomic shape or light weight of the gloves. They are a great choice for athletes training and competing in point fighting, sport karate, Taekwondo, and other similar disciplines of combat sports that use an open hand glove.

technical Specifications

– Low weight
– Moisture absorbent lining
– New durable piping

Aproximate weight:

size XS – Each glove 6.5 oz

size S/M – Each glove 6.8 oz

size XL – Each glove 9.2 oz

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