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Diamond MMA Cup Compression Shorts with Cup Protection System Included


Diamond MMA Cup Compression Shorts with  Cup Protection System Included


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Diamond MMA Cup is in its own league

This Diamond MMA Cup Compression Shorts  system is flawlessly engineered to superior comfort (and superior protection when used with the Diamond cup). The co-molded elastomer fabric positions the cup pocket in such a way that impacts are deflected away from your groin without sacrificing comfort.

  • High quality stitching and construction
  • Four built-in leg straps for a solid and stable fit
  • Best suited for use with the Diamond MMA Cup

What good would Diamond’s top notch protection be if it didn’t stay put?
To keep your cup secure and in place, Diamond uses a four-strap multi-directional system that’s built into the compression Diamond MMA Cup Compression Shorts . This system prevents shifting in every direction and makes this cup system unparalleled in stability.

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