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Century Wavemaster XXL with Scoring Zones


he Century XXL Wavemaster with Scoring Zones is one of the largest punching bags you will find on the market today. century wavemaster xxl  stands 69 inches tall and has an 18″ diameter, giving it an extremely large striking surface. The punching bag itself is made of high density foam covered in durable vinyl, allowing century wavemaster xxl  to withstand the hardest kicks you can dish out. Also, it’s unique design has 10 scoring zones allowing you to come up with striking combinations and hone your accuracy.

The low profile base sits lower than many self-standing punching bags, which gives you the ability to practice your lower kicks. Also, because the base has a round design, it is easy to roll away when you are finished using century wavemaster xxl. The base can be filled with water or sand, giving it a maximum weight of 270 lbs. when filled.