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Century Wavemaster XXL with Scoring Zones


he Century XXL Wavemaster with Scoring Zones is one of the largest punching bags you will find on the market today. century wavemaster xxl  stands 69 inches tall and has an 18″ diameter, giving it an extremely large striking surface. The punching bag itself is made of high density foam covered in durable vinyl, allowing century wavemaster xxl  to withstand the hardest kicks you can dish out. Also, it’s unique design has 10 scoring zones allowing you to come up with striking combinations and hone your accuracy.

The low profile base sits lower than many self-standing punching bags, which gives you the ability to practice your lower kicks. Also, because the base has a round design, it is easy to roll away when you are finished using century wavemaster xxl. The base can be filled with water or sand, giving it a maximum weight of 270 lbs. when filled.

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Key Features of century wavemaster xxl

  • Century Wavemaster XXL with Scoring Zones
  • century wavemaster xxl Stands 69″ tall and a full 18″ in diameter
  • century wavemaster xxl Striking surface is made of durable vinyl over high density foam
  • century wavemaster xxl Weighs approx. 270 lbs (when filled)

Century’s ultimate bag now has ten scoring zones representing key body points!

Century’s ultimate bag with the largest kicking and punching surface area on the market. Stands 69″ tall and a full 18″ in diameter. Striking surface is made of durable vinyl over high density foam. Low profile base and large new bag provide an excellent target for both punching and kicking. Weight distribution of base provides stability and functionality. Extra large fill hole and cap allows you to easily fill base with sand or water. Ten Scoring zones. No tool required for assembly. Weighs approx. 270 lbs. when filled.

Additional shipping charges apply to this item due to its size and/or weight.

Boxing and Martial Arts are contact sports. Users of this equipment are subject to personal injury. These products have a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury.

Striking an object improperly may cause injury. Do not strike any object without proper training and instruction. Wearing a mouth guard is always recommended when participating in any athletic activity.

The Most Overlooked Fact About Century Wavemaster XXL Revealed

The XXL is quite a popular free standing heavy bag produced by Century MMA. It’s also quite important to be aware that the Wavemaster XXL isn’t a completely rigid punching bag. With its size, the majority of people believe that the Century Wavemaster XXL is tough to assemble. There isn’t any doubt the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is a high quality item that’s what we would anticipate from one of the main names in the company and it is a huge bag that’s well-made, durable and offers great stability.


The Wavemaster XXL is among their top models and is widely utilized in gyms all over the world. The best thing about the Century Wavemaster XXL is it includes a 1-year warranty. Century Wavemaster XXL can also supply an enjoyable workout for kids.


The Wavemaster XXL isn’t an exception. The Century Wavemaster XXL is an ideal option for hanging bags particularly for cardio-based classes in gyms. With a punch bag you would like to be certain that it will take the pounding you’re likely to give this, and the Century Wavemaster XXL is intended to be as strong as is required for such a product.


Today bags are found in various materials such as fabric, leather and vinyl. A punching bag is utilized by many professional and amateur boxers and martial artists as it lasts for years with no maintenance. It can also help to improve your body shape by providing great workouts. In contrast to conventional hang-up heavy bags, free-standing punching bags are somewhat more convenient for home usage.


The bag can be exceedingly effective for cardio training, but it is far less stable so that you don’t wish to be hitting it by powerful punches or kicks. Free standing bags are generally lighter than hanging bags, and thus do not provide as much resistance, and they’re reportedly much less durable. If a completely free standing bag is sufficient, then we may safely say the Century Wavemaster XXL is a great selection. It does away with that, so you can put it anywhere you want. Most other smaller free standing heavy bags wouldn’t necessarily meet with the stability requirements essential to train fighters that are seeking to compete in MMA or boxing.


Let’s have a peek at the advantages and disadvantages of the hanging punch bag. So, there’s no need to shave off extra money for those gloves. Training at the gym is, naturally, a necessity and with a trainer you know, trust and work nicely with yet you also ought to find that excess work in when you are able to so no doubt you’ve got equipment at home in a spare room or garage, the latter being a terrific selection for a house gym, so that you may indulge in a tiny training when you desire. As a consequence, it gets rid of the demand for hanging a heavy bag any place in the home.


In addition, hitting the bag is an excellent thing and it’s an excellent workout. Furthermore, the training bag doesn’t take an excessive amount of real estate space. Frankly speaking, it’s among the largest free-standing training bags which you will find around.


Cons Space a hanging bag demands a nice space to utilize it. Ranking bag may also be helpful if you’re planning to use the shoes as well as the punches. A smaller freestanding bag is likely to slide all over the area, and will probably tip after receiving any meaningful punches or kicks.


It is possible to come across bags out there in the shape of a human body with electronic regulates to supply you with the experience of a true time fight.  The heavy bag is excellent for all kinds of boxing and MMA training and will supply the most impressive outcomes, yet you need a particular place to hang it. It is the most important equipment that any boxer cannot do without since it is the main proponent in which a boxer can develop their punching power which is not possible in any other type of punching bagman. Assembling the heavy bag is extremely straightforward and doesn’t need extra tools. If you’re looking for a terrific heavy bag then can help you save you space and money when permitting you to train at your highest possible capacity then you must look at the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag.


Where to Find Century Wavemaster XXL

The bag has quite a large striking surface and is harder to knock over than a number of the smaller freestanding bags. In case you’re likely to get yourself a punch bag, there are many matters that you’ll require in order to be aware of before you drop into the specific buying. The bag is created with high-density foam and features a heavy-duty vinyl cover and a difficult plastic base, which can readily be full of water or sand. Providentially, the XXL bag has a massive base. The Century Wavemaster XXL training bag can be found in three unique colors. There are in fact four distinct forms of the Century Wavemaster training bag. Then the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag may be a good alternative for you.

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