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InFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review

InFightStyle was founded in 2013 and is a global brand and distributor catering to the demands and needs of the MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai lovers around the globe. They stock a Wide Selection of products with a Focus on beautiful design coupled with supreme function. They sponsor several Elite Muay Thai fighters such as Ognjen Topic, Janet Todd and Matt Embree.

Concerning the gloves

The Domino boxing gloves are among the main lines that they are available in green/black, blue/orange, Black/white as well as the pair we got to review — blue and yellow. Interestingly the white and black is the only pair available in a lace version, others Are velcro closure. These gloves are designed to be utilized as Muay Thai Gloves, but would also be suitable for boxing or other striking training.


I adore the appearance these gloves have; they possess the classic bright and brassy Muay Thai design, but incorporated into a simple, understated style. The back of the glove along with thumb is mainly a royal blue, however running between the two, and widening out to pay every one the fingers, is a fuzzy yellow strip.


Since we have begun to expect after our other InFightStyle Testimonials, the brand’ve used very higher quality stuff if they made these gloves and have put them together very well.


I have found the Domino gloves to be quite comfortable to use. We had been sent the 12oz variations so haven’t tested them in sparring, but they feel great to hit pads or the free standing heavy bag in.


The regular retail cost of this Domino’s is $95, making them a reasonably expensive glove

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